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Pregnant Belly

Hypnobirthing, Hypnofertility, Hypnopregnancy

Are you interested in a more calming approach to pregnancy and childbirth? 


Hypnotherapy is becoming more and more popular in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, and birth, as it offers a holistic way of managing the physical and emotional challenges of pregnancy. 


It can assist with morning sickness, promote relaxation, and encourage positive visualisations throughout your pregnancy, helping you prepare mentally and emotionally for the birth and early motherhood stages. 


For first-time mothers, pregnancy can be both exciting and daunting, yet establishing healthy habits and practicing relaxation techniques can make all the difference during the birth process, allowing you to enjoy the experience with confidence and clarity.


Successful Hypnobirthing involves feeling in control throughout the entire birthing journey, leading to a strong bond with your baby and can even improve success rates for breastfeeding and sleeping habits. 


Research shows that Hypnotherapy can increase your chances of conceiving and can complement IVF treatments.


I use a variety of approaches including NLP, CBT and positive psychology techniques alongside hypnosis to help you feel prepared, confident, calm and relaxed. 


Whether you prefer individual sessions or a half day workshop, I can tailor classes to meet your needs. 

Session Structure and Pricing


Hypnobirthing and Hypnopregnancy


Option A - 4 x 1 hour sessions weekly over the course of 4 weeks. (For you and your birthing partner) £350


Option B - 1 x one off 4 hour session (for you and your birthing partner) £350




£70 per 1 hour session. Weekly sessions recommended for around 6 - 8 weeks

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